Candle Re-use

Cleaning Instructions for Candle Jars

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can clean your candle jars for reuse!
Once the candle has been burned and there is roughly about a quarter inch of wax and wick left you can begin this process.

1. Take a pot of boiling water and carefully fill the jar with the hot water. The water will heat everything inside and on the sides of the jar. This will melt the remaining wax and the glue that holds the wick in place. Let the jar soak for 5-10 min.

2. Once this time has passed, carefully use a spoon or fork to budge the metal wick holder out of place. The hot water should be enough to soften the glue and it will unstick itself, but sometimes it can be stubborn and still may be holding on. While doing this process, hold the jar firmly and carefully with a towel, the jar may still be hot.

3. You can now take the remaining wax residue and wick holder out of the jar and dispose of it. Next, dump out the remaining water and wash the jar with soap and warm water.

4. Continue this process to get any remaining wax residue and glue out and make your jar squeaky clean! 

This jar can be used for so many things! Storage for makeup brushes, cotton balls, or anything else!